The view from our “front” door {post 17} Cabinet & Hutch Reveal!

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That’s me, pinching myself because I can’t believe I did this.  Sometimes I just go in that room to look at it.  I. built. furniture.  Me!  And it looks presentable!  Like, I wouldn’t be embarrassed for people to know that I’m the one who did it!

Remember that this was the view from before:

And here’s the other “Christmas Day Nice” photo where we have to remove all the clothes and group the hangers together so that we don’t have our laundry on display as the guests arrive for dinner.  As you take in the view, please allow your eyes to rest briefly on the attractive blue litter box:

And here’s my after:


Since all of my kids’ birthdays are within two weeks of each other, we have a family party to celebrate them all at once, which happened today.  Guess who didn’t have to take down all the clothes from the line before everyone came?  Moi My Man.  Nothin but the truth here at Pink Toes and Power Tools.  Generally I am so busy with other stuff that I forget about the laundry until it is too late.  Like today–it was just 30 minutes before the party and I happened to think about it.  And then I realized that we he didn’t have to do that this time.  I think I actually giggled out loud.  And then I went and looked at the cabinet again.

Now the laundry room series is not over yet.  I’ll show you how I finished the back of this to make it attractive from that side yet (When I get that finished.  Did I mention that it only looks done from the front ?!).  And then I’ve got some painting to do to prep for some BOARD AND BATTEN.

Yes, I too am going to put up board and batten.  I know everybody in blogland is jumping on that wagon, but I really, really like it.

And then I think I’m going to make a bench.

Now please excuse me.  I’m going to go into the laundry room to look at it again.

P.S.–I am adding some photos to this post that I am also going to post about tomorrow.  Sorry about the duplication!  I would explain myself, but it would be long and boring.  I’ll spare you that…

Oil rubbed bronze to match the door hardware I painted

The crown molding is actually casing (I think).  I know it wasn’t crown molding.  I wanted something flat for this, I’m not sure why that was.  It will eventually be changed out with the crown molding I want to put in this room–it will wrap around the hutch.

The base molding turned out great–the quarter round needs to be sanded yet to meet perfectly.  I used a piece of original with another I bought, and they didn’t match in height perfectly.  Gonna sand the wood filler before I do the painting for the board and batten.

And here’s a sneak peek at the back–remember I’m not done yet–but this is how I hid the litter box.  I might turn it sideways and cut a hole in the side (probably will do this).  That was the plan, but the birthday party preparations prevented that happening yet.

I staged it today.  Not 100% satisfied with the arrangements yet, but it’ll do for now.





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