The view from the “front” door {post 16} Almost there!

By Pinktoesandpowertools | Progress Posts

I said that this laundry room series was going to be a long one and apparently I wasn’t lying!  I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now…

Added the board to attach the base molding to:

Board on cabinet in order to attach base moldingI added some plastic tabs so that the drawer wouldn’t slide wood on wood.  I only needed them on the bottom drawer in this area (you can see them on the wood rails I added, bottom face frame, middle of the picture on both sides).

Added plastic drawer slide tabsI put them on the bottom of the drawer sides midway back and at the back also.  Here is a close up of what I am talking about:


Attached the cabinet to the studs in the wall.  This also pulled the edge of the cabinet tight to the wall, something I was worried about when I saw it just pushed against the wall.  It would have needed a LOT of caulk to fill the gap.  It still turned out level.  I put two at the bottom into the 2×4 framing down there.  One in the middle and a final one at the top.  The one in the back isn’t in a stud–I thought the studs were 12″ apart.  Doh!

Attach the cabinet to a stud in the wallDrilled holes for the shelf pegs in the hutch.  Three shelves, evenly spaced.

Drilled holes for the shelf pegsUsed tape on the drill to make sure the peg would seat all the way in, but not drill through the side:

Tape on drill for shelf peg depth

And then, reattached the molding with my 16 gauge nail gun.  If I had been smart, I would have made sure the bottom hole would be covered by the quarter round.  I guess we all now know that I wasn’t smart in this instance.  I also discovered that our “trim guy” during the build put the hole at the top up higher.  After I was done.  So I had to add that, just in case.  I AM smart enough to add the holes I have to fill.  Three.  For each stud.

Reattached base molding

And this is what made me feel like I might actually get this project completed soon.  My Man helped me put the hutch on the cabinet and I attached it with the pocket holes.

Attached the hutch with pocket holesI think My Man was won over with the pocket holes after this assembly.  I’m not sure he appreciated their potential.  He just knew I was going to do what I was going to do and he let me do it (lots of do’s in that sentence).  He even commented while I was putting the screws in, that maybe we needed some longer screws.  Once I had finished attaching the hutch though, he had no complaints and keeps commenting on how sturdy it is.  Then I added a screw through the side of the hutch into a stud and now it doesn’t even wiggle at all.  Not even a tiny bit.  And it’s level.  And it’s square.  And it’s put together.

And it’s almost done!!!!