A project started 8 years ago

By Pinktoesandpowertools | Random Thoughts + Ramblings

It’s been a little busy around the Pink Toe home the last few weeks as we began the “birthday season” around here.  Apparently the fertility fairy worked her magic three times in the same part of the calendar year, since we celebrate all of the Junior Pink Toe birthdays within a 2 week time frame.  Today is the last one and the most recent addition.  Here she is 8 years ago:

My, how the time does fly.  My oldest is in high school now and my middle child is officially a teenager.  I would include photos of them as babies, but we didn’t have a digital camera back then!

I thank you for allowing me this moment of nostalgia.  Now I need to go frost a cake and then grab a paint brush.  I think that I will be revealing the cabinet and hutch in the laundry room this week!!  Woohoo!