The view from our “front” door {post 13} Moulding

By Pinktoesandpowertools | Progress Posts

I am learning so much on this project!!  I hope that means that future projects will go together QUICKER! And maybe with a few less mistakes along the way 🙂

I tackled the base moulding for the cabinets.  We had this leftover from when our house was built, which I was thankful for–one less thing to buy and it will match the moulding on the walls perfectly.

I started with a few cuts on scrap wood:

All I did was tilt the saw to 45 degrees and make two cuts.  This was a nice test and they were also very useful when trying to orient the actual moulding on the saw.  It can get confusing, so I would take the scraps in by the cabinet, think about what needed to happen next using the scraps, and complete the cut back outside using the scrap examples to help me remember.

I still made two cuts incorrectly–and I only needed 4 cuts altogether!  I’m okay with that since this is my first attempt with mitered moulding.  Look at how well it turned out:

Because I am so happy with it, here’s a close up:

And since I now had the moulding on there, I could make the corrections to the “doors” on the cabinet.  You’ll recall that these are fake and won’t open and that when I was putting the doors together, I forgot to account for the base moulding (talk about both of those in previous posts).

So I sawed off the bottom and I had to run the saw about 4 times to get it perfect.  I left it a little long the first time out and each time shaved a little more off one corner to get an evenly spaced edge around the entire door area.  This looks really uneven on the end I cut, but it is not that pronounced a difference in person.

Now I just have to recut some trim for the bottom, glue it on, and paint!