The view from our “front” door {post 12} Drawer fronts

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When I started to blog, I wanted to create something a little different from some of the other blogs out there.  A lot of blogs have fantastic, inspiring posts on big projects.  But just one post.  I’d love to have traveled with them from the idea’s inception to the last brushstroke of paint to see their thought process as the project progressed.

So I blog as the project unfolds.  I blog the problems and how I tried to solve them.  How the plan changed as I went along.  I would learn a ton if I could follow along through an entire project with some of the bloggers out there–I’m not sure if my readers will learn a ton since I don’t actually know a ton yet, but what I hope that my readers walk away with is this: even if you don’t know a ton you can still do this.

Boy was that a rambling beginning to this post.

I put the drawer fronts on and I think they look pretty darn good.

I used carpet tape on the face of the drawer which held the drawer front on while still being adjustable so I could get an even space around the whole front before screwing it on.  You’ll see that I managed to mar the front of both drawers by screwing into the center, which was not as thick as the edges.  Both drawers.  You’d think I’d learn my lesson after the first incident, but apparently I am just that dense some most days.

I’ll let you in on another little denseness episode of mine:

I’m sure you are thinking, “Why, that looks perfectly lovely!  What could possibly be the problem?!”. (thanks by the way)

Well the problem was me thinking I’d work a step ahead and finish the doors when I did the drawer fronts, since I already had the saw out and the wood was the same for both.  BUT, but, but, but….I did not account for the moulding I am going to be wrapping around the cabinet at the bottom.  The moulding is the same as what is on the wall next to the cabinet and you’ll notice it is quite a bit taller than the room I left at the bottom of the cabinet.  Oops.

At least it’s not painted yet.  I’ll just saw off the bottom and reapply the wood rail/stile–whichever one is the horizontal piece.

It’s getting to the point that I got excited about cleaning my bathrooms the other day because I can complete that job without making mistakes.  How sorry is that?

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