The view from our “front” door {post 10} Edgebanding

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I really thought that I would be a pro at edgebanding right out of the blocks.  I don’t know why I thought that (maybe because I ran track in highschool??).  I was so sure of it that I almost, almost didn’t even try it out on some scrap before I used it on the drawer fronts of the cabinet.  Certainly a “doh” moment looking back at it.

Lovely, isn’t it?  Here’s my second attempt:

When I was at a Woodcraft store not long after this unsuccessful attempt, the  saleslady said that if your blade on the trimmer isn’t sharp, the tool will want to follow the grain rather than making a neat cut.  They sell a more hardy looking trimmer at their store for about $23.  If I ever decide to try out edgebanding again, I will buy that gadget.  For this attempt I used this gadget special made for just the purpose of trimming edgebanding for $9 at Lowes.  It was brand new, so the blades should have been sharp.

It is a very real possibility that the person who was using the trimmer was in error.  But there isn’t much to the thing to get wrong…

I ended up thinning my wood filler and applying an even coat over the plywood edges of the drawer faces and the tops of the drawers. I am pleased with the result.  The wood filler I use is this one:

It was recommended at Woodcraft when I was building the leaning wall shelves and I have really liked it.  I haven’t used many other kinds, but I think I will be getting another container of it the next time I go since I’ve had such a good experience with it.

Click on the picture for a closer look at the edges.

The top of the drawer has the wood filler on it sanded smooth and then painted.  I love how it turned out–better than I expected it to!

I will leave you with an Ode to Edgebanding.

Oh, edgebanding.

So innocent in your coil.

Big returns for little toil.

But you and I

are like water and oil.

We don’t mix.

I found this in a volume of Selected Poems by Robert Browning.  I’ve been unable to verify if he was the actual author since it was penciled in, but isn’t it a perfect bit of prose for this post?

Anyone out there gotten the Edge Band It to work well?  Anyone else love/hate edgebanding?

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