The view from our “front” door {post 9} The drawers

By Pinktoesandpowertools | Woodworking Tutorials

Finally got a chunk of time to get to work again!  Today I tackled the drawers on the cabinet.Here is one drawer front.  1/2″ plywood with 1/4″ thick 2″ wide hobby board glued on top.  I wanted to learn the router so I could use a panel in the middle of 1×3 boards, but that will be for another project now!

Cover the back with glue.

Clamp it and weight it down.  I added one more set of weights in that empty spot too.

Wood putty the edges if they aren’t perfect.   Mine weren’t.

Check all of your drawer parts for square.  The sides too.  You want your cuts to be 90 degrees also, especially with pocket holes since it will want to pull them wonky with angled cuts.

Glue the edge and screw the pocket holes together.  I loved using these 90 degree clamps.  I think they were Bessey clamps and I got them at HD or Lowes for about $10 a piece.  I used 1/2″ plywood for the drawers and since Lowes doesn’t carry 1″ Kreg screws, I bought some 1″ wood screws at Walmart.  They worked great!  I had to buy an extra long 4″ phillips drill part for my drill to be able to attach the pocket holes, but it all went together just fine.

I checked for square at each step.  My plywood bottoms gave me some problems, but with some convincing all the edges and corners matched up.

I made sure that the pocket holes for the sides were on the front and back pieces.  The front piece will be covered up by the drawer front and the back won’t be visible.

I have read that it is really important for your drawers to be perfectly square to work properly.  I checked for square on the top and bottom of the drawers and they looked great!  I really hope they work since this is my first attempt.  I already made a mistake–I wanted to use side mounted drawer slides, but I didn’t leave myself enough room on the sides to use them.  Luckily, center-mounted slides you attach under the drawer should work and I’ll find out for sure tomorrow (oh, please work).  They do look easier to install than the side mounted and these won’t have anything heavy in them, so the weight limit shouldn’t be a problem either.

Stay tuned to see my first attempt at using edge banding and to learn why it will not be anywhere near this cabinet!