A word of advice {painting}

By Pinktoesandpowertools | Quick Tips + Tricks

We have spent a lot of time painting our house.  We did all the walls and ceilings during the build–which were all white because we had no clue what colors we wanted.  Now, there are only 3 walls in the house that are white, and I was the one who painted them their current colors.  Luckily I like to paint!

One tip I have run across that I use when painting is how to store the leftover paint once you are done.  You want to keep some on hand for touch-ups if need be.  I save plastic peanut butter containers and use them.

There is less air that the paint is exposed to this way and you don’t have to store mostly empty gallon cans.  Write all the information on the cap and the date that you painted the room.