The “Fresh Egg” sign I made was picked as Craft of the Week over at All Thingz Related!  I was so excited to find that out last night!  You should check out the other great projects–and the brand new baby that was added to their family tree the last few days.  Were my kids ever that small?  My oldest just got taller than me around Christmas time this year.

What’s funny is that I debated about even submitting the sign to any link parties and it has gotten quite a few hits.  I love it and think that it was a perfect fit for the space it was created for.  I look there now and wonder how I could have put that off for a decade–that spot was begging for something, anything!  But there are a lot of sign tutorials out there in blogland and I didn’t think it would generate a lot of interest due to that fact.  Maybe it’s because it isn’t subway art, which is really popular right now.  Regardless, I am happy that I took the time to submit my sign!

Here’s the new button I get to add to the sidebar:

Just curious what phrase others want to put on their signs.  I’ve seen “Butter” (All Thingz Related chose the sign because they want to make one with that phrase!), “Fresh Coffee” or “Bon Appetit”.  Figuring out what I wanted the sign to say took a lot of time for me–

What will your sign say??