DIY Fresh Egg Sign for the Kitchen

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Large blank spots of wall. Do you have these in your home? I’ve got too many, but after this DIY Fresh Egg sign project, I’ve got one less in my kitchen.

DIY Fresh Egg sign hung up on the kitchen wall

This morning I was lamenting the fact that something I ordered had not been shipped yet and I would be stalled in my list of projects AND wouldn’t have anything to post until it made it here. Then I had a moment of brilliance where I realized that I could switch the order of the projects. My brilliance may be blinding you about now, so feel free to put on a pair of shades so you don’t get squint lines.

So then I was lamenting having to put on my shoes and get into the cold van to drive to Lowes and get a board for a sign I had been thinking about putting over the sink in the kitchen.

After perusing a few blogs to get sign ideas, I had decided I wanted to score the board so that it looked like a few boards stuck together. I had seen a blog where someone had done that to their kitchen table so that it looked like a farmhouse table. Then (grab your shades) another flash of brilliance–I could actually use some of the 1×3 furring strips I already had here. They were slightly warped and rough looking which made them perfect for an old looking sign. Woohoo, no cold van!

Supplies for DIY Fresh Eggs sign

These furring strips were already sanded prior to this project (see the how-to button in the blog header). If you want to use furring strips and have them look like these, you’ll have to sand them first.

I cut the boards on the miter saw to 4′ and then cut some boards for the back to screw into to hold the sign together. I used a countersink bit to make sure the screws didn’t scratch the wall once it is hung.

You can see my color tool there in the corner of that last picture. I’m a “play it really safe” girl with my wardrobe and my house so the path of least stress for me would have been white or brown letters on the weathered board. But I love this piece above my cabinets and wanted to bring more of that color into the room. According to my color tool, it should work. This was my inspiration:

Sago tin inspiration for DIY Fresh Egg sign color

Not a great photo of the Sago tin, but I took this photo at night with the flash. In natural light I love it.

The base coat of the sign was a mixture of white, a drop of black, and a couple of teaspoons of brown thrown in. The white came out of a gallon I had in the basement and the rest are craft bottles of acrylic paint. I mixed that with water so it didn’t go on evenly or too thick. I also dipped my brush in some walnut acrylic after loading it with the “white” so that I got streaks and areas of brown. This is how it ended up–I think it looks pretty close to a weathered board:

Paint applied to board to make it look weathered

Once I had picked out what I wanted the sign to say (I like my decorating to mean something to me and my family, if I can. I happen to want some chickens, so this sign may portend the future–fingers and toes crossed). Next I used the Aharoni font in my Print Shop software to print out large letters (Word will work, but you will have to enlarge the font quite a bit) in the outline option on cardstock. I cut those out and put painters tape on the back to hold them in place:

DIY Fresh Egg sign stencil cut out and positioned

Then I did a test on my scrap wood. I usually do each step on a scrap piece of wood so I can try it out. Up until this point I was testing on the back of the sign. But now I started a test scrap to see if dabbing paint on the outside of the letters was going to get the look I was going for. It did not. Hmmm…what to do, what to do…

New plan. Roughly paint the entire piece with the teal paint (leftover from our basement walls), trace the letters, and paint them in roughly with the white:

Fresh Egg letters stenciled in with pencil

Using a large brush, get some paint on the end and then remove most of it on a paper towel so you get uneven coverage. If you look closely you’ll see the letters stenciled in also.

For the next part I used a small square paint brush and one of my daughters skinny paintbrushes to get crisper corners:

Paint brushes with white paintGet some paint on the brush and then remove most of it so you get uneven coverage again. On the edges where I had more paint on the brush so I would get a crisper edge, I then made sure to feather out the paint so it wasn’t too built up.

Beginning to fill in the DIY Fresh Egg sign letters

Fresh Egg sign etters filled in with white paint

I used the paint can opener to make some distress marks in the wood.

I like the sign how it looks now, but in my head I imagined it more distressed up on the wall. On my test piece the very watery walnut mix I painted over it all partially washed off the very fresh white letter. I repainted the white letter, will let it dry overnight and try it again tomorrow to see if it works once the white has a chance to get really dry.

Ok–that was all yesterday. Today I’ve got it up on the wall:

DIY Fresh Egg sign hung up on the kitchen wall

DIY Fresh Egg sign hung up on the kitchen wall

DIY Fresh Egg sign hung up on the kitchen wall

My Man thought he was hi-larious last night when he said that my eggs aren’t really fresh anymore. Since I’m done hatching chicks and I’m feeling pretty good about myself (and because it was a little funny), I let him live.

What do you think–was I ok stepping out of my comfort zone with the color? Should I dirty it up a little with some brown stain/paint?

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