Baby It’s Cold Outside: Finishing the kitchen Post 1

By Pinktoesandpowertools | My Spaces

I’m ready to take on the circular saw. The information I am reading is starting to become repetitive (a sign that I’ve read everything that would be relevant). I’ve read over the manual. I’ve read some home improvement books with excerpts about the saw. I’ve gotten out the saw and looked it over. I’m as ready as I can be until I actually plug the thing in. But man is it ever cold outside in my neck of the woods. I’m inside and my fingers are cold as I type this. The weather man tells me that with the wind chill, it is 3 degrees at my house. My adventure with the circular saw is going to have to wait until my fingers won’t freeze on the trigger (Is that what it’s called? Maybe I haven’t read everything yet…)

So until Mother Nature warms things up just a little, or I get too impatient to wait for a higher reading on the thermometer, I am looking for an inside project to fill the time. I did not have to look very hard.

The kitchen. I don’t hate my kitchen, but I am tired of it not looking DONE. We have been adding to the stuff on the upper cabinets over the last few years. I actually think it has a little too much now, so that might get modified.

This is the perfect thing to work on because there isn’t a ton I want to do:

Plans for the kitchen

I didn’t label them, but the two furballs are Trouble and More Trouble (not really their names, but they should be). They wanted their dinner when I was taking these shots.

In the interest of full disclosure, my kitchen never looks this neat. N.e.v.e.r. In fact My Man came in when I was taking some of these and commented on how nice the kitchen looked. Oh how I wish it would stay this way naturally.