Cutting a sheet of plywood

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If you couldn’t tell from yesterday’s post, I’m thinking that I’m going to have to learn how to cut a sheet of plywood by myself, rather than rely on Home Depot or Lowes to cut it for me.  So I spent some time last night researching how to go about that, and I think I found some resources that will make this a successful venture (fingers crossed).

I googled “cutting a sheet of plywood with a circular saw”, because that will be my first tool of choice.  I am vertically challenged, so cutting something of that size up on a table does not appeal to me.  Not only are my legs short, but that means my arms are too (keeps me in proportion somewhat). That’s why I was happy to find this article right off the bat from Family Handyman.  You’re cutting the plywood, which is fully supported by several 2x4s, right on the floor.  The 2×4 supports prevent the wood from pinching or binding the blade, which is what causes the saw to kickback.  Kickback is the only reason I have never used a circular saw up to this point in my life.  Scares me.

Since I posed the cutting plywood question <link doesn’t work anymore> on Ana White’s forums (you can read me being whiny all over again there), I have another option as well–using 2″ foam insulation board like this (not styrofoam as was pointed out in the forum response by Dan K).  I REALLY like that option, but after thinking about it, I’m wondering about storing that.  Several 2x4s can go into a corner, but a 4×8 foot sheet of foam insulation is harder to hide.  Hmmm, going to have to ponder that one.

I also plan on constructing a straight edge jig, like OkieJoe mentions in his response on the forum question.  It isn’t complicated and I know I won’t be able to follow a straight line freehand.  You’d have to have your eyes open to do that. Just seeing if you are still paying attention!  Of course I’ll have my eyes open!  I might be screeching louder than the saw the first few times, but after that I’m sure the saw will be louder.

Look at me, getting all Rosie the Riveter.  Hey!  Maybe someday I can claim the title “Rosie the Routerer” !  I’ll bet you anything that along with her red lipstick, Rosie had some pink toes going on in those work boots…

Stay tuned as I conquer my circular saw fear.  Anyone else out there afraid of a particular power tool?  I’d love to hear that I’m not alone in this!  Chime in and tell me about it!

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