One hour until the next coat

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I can put on coat number 7 for the table top in one hour.  If I stay up until midnight, I can apply the last coat and be done with this project.  I’m motivated to finish this thing tonight!

The chairs are all done with 5 layers of topcoat. The table got 5 layers, except the table top got a total of 8 since it will get the most wear (at least that was what was wearing off when I decided it HAD to be refinished).  I was really bummed to not have this done this weekend, but between kid sports and birthday party invitations, I lost my entire Saturday.  And darn it if these things need 2 hours before recoating!

So I should have the finished result posted tomorrow, if I get time to type it up!



My painting pants got some black accents with this project.  Even managed to rip out my left knee so that it now matches the right!  I’ve always been all about symmetry.  I’ve gotten a few texts and written this post up, so now all I have is 36 minutes…


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