Happy Holidays/ Check out this compressor/nailer deal!

By Pinktoesandpowertools | Random Thoughts + Ramblings

Happy Holidays to everyone out there in blogland! Santa was good to the Pink Toe family this year. I’m still picking up those tiny pieces of wrapping paper that escaped the trash bag and listening to the kids argue over whose turn it is on the new PS3. Ahhh, the sounds of the holidays. Seriously though, the weather outside is frightful and the fire really is delightful, and I’m feeling blessed and thankful this day after Christmas. I hope that you are too!

We all know that Santa enters houses via the chimney, so he doesn’t understand how desperately I want to tackle our “front” door situation–he’s never had the time to check it out with his busy schedule. My parents got me a cordless Dewalt drill (Woohoo! My very own drill!), but Santa gave me the dough to hand pick the other item on my Christmas list: a compressor and finish nailer. This turned out to be a good news and bad news for the Pink Toes “front” door laundry room project.

Good news? I found the one I want for an unbeatable $95.60. That’s a Porter Cable 150 psi, 6 gallon compressor and 16 gauge finish nailer combo for under $100!! Once I paid shipping and taxes, it ended up being $132.99, but I couldn’t find a better price on the net, even refurbished. Ideally I wanted an 18 gauge brad nailer instead of 16 gauge finish nailer, but I can buy an additional 18 gauge gun and still come in under the set that included the 18 gauge brad nailer. If you are in the market for a nail gun, I’d jump on this before the deal ends on January 5!

However! (this is the bad part) Last night they had these available. I decided to wait and see if our local Home Depot would match the price (btw–it is $239 in the store, verified by the employee I spoke with). After drinking some coffee, playing some Little Big Planet on the PS3 with a desperate-for-a-friend-to-play-with-but-I’ll-settle-for-Mom daughter, and THEN calling Home Depot and finding out they will not price match an internet deal, I tried to order it online. Apparently other people use the internet to shop (can you believe?) like me and the set is now on back order.

Sigh. This was one of the tools I wanted to break in on the laundry room.

I’ve still got the table to paint. I had told myself to either finish it before Christmas or after New Years (we host parties for both), but I think I am going to stop listening to myself. Sometimes I talk too much anyway…

Do you know of any other after-Christmas deals on tools out there? Please share!