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Hey! This blog works! If you’ve read about me then you know that I like to start lots of projects, but I’m not so proficient at finishing them. This would be a perfect example–I revamped some Goodwill lamps, but I was so excited to get them in the room they were meant for, that I did so before I repaired the bottom felt. Pre-Pink Toe blog, these might have sat on the scrap pieces of felt for a few weeks months years (just keepin it real people). I’m going to show you how I conducted my felt lamp base repair. It doesn’t get much easier or cheaper than the way I did it! Whilst most people would opt to just buy a new 3d printed photo lamp (lampe photo imprimée en 3D in French!), I decided to go down the DIY route…

So I revamped two lamps, and one had the original felt on the bottom still, and another one had been repaired with some cheapo stick on stuff that was coming off:

Supplies needed for lamp base felt repair:

  • Thin cardboard at least as big as the base of your lamp (I used cereal boxes)
  • Felt (29 cents at JoAnn Fabrics)
  • Glue (I used hot glue, but something like Gorilla glue would work)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Optional: Sharpie marker in your felt color (if you make a mistake)

How to repair your lamp base felt

1.Remove any existing felt or flimsy bottom, if possible. I didn’t on the first lamp and it makes your new base stick out farther–it will have a thinner profile if you do this.

2. Trace around the base of the lamp onto the thin cardboard. Cut this out, but you want to cut about 1/8″ inside of this line. The felt will have dimension and if you leave it the exact shape of the bottom, the felt base will extend beyond the base of the lamp. Don’t go too far though–you don’t want it to slip into the base of the lamp.

3. Cut your felt about 3/4″ larger than the outside of your cardboard:

Pleats in the felt for lamp base felt repair4. Doing a small section at a time, apply the glue to the cardboard and bring the felt up to the cardboard. Since you are working in a circle, it will pleat, but keep those pleats small by only bringing up small sections at a time. That way the felt doesn’t get too thick and cause problems when you attach it to the base.

5. Apply glue to the entire outside edge of the completed circle, but not too close to the edge or you might do this:

Oops--Hot glue on outside of lamp base felt

Now you see it…

Hot glue does not “dry” invisible. Scrape off what you can without fuzzing up the felt too much. This is where the brown Sharpie comes in…it covers up cooled hot glue:

Hot glue on lamp base felt repair hidden by coloring with a Sharpie

Now you don’t!

This is the lamp where I didn’t remove the original felt. See how the profile is a tad high? Here’s the lamp where I did remove it:

Finished result of lamp base felt repairOh well. Live and learn! I’m the only one who would notice this anyway. Here’s the finished product:

After photo of felt lamp base repair

It does feel good to truly finish things up, but not nearly as exciting as starting something new! There’s no hope for me…but a blog. Now that I’ve sorted this lamp and it looks good as new, I might see if any of the other lamps need a bit of DIY, or I could even purchase some new ones if I fancy, I know mine and my partners’ bedroom needs an addition of a nice lamp, I’ve considered getting a custom moon lamp (or lampara luna personalizada) with a picture of the two of us as I think this will look really cute! I’m not overly sure if I want to do any more DIY work, but we will see.

What “oops” have you ever repaired with a Sharpie? I’d love to know in the comments!

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