Refinishing Door Hardware Part 7: One month update

By Pinktoesandpowertools | Progress Posts

Five weeks sure can fly by at this time of year, that’s for sure.  I went back and checked on the date I had taken the photos for the last batch of door hardware I completed to check how long we had been living with the new look.  Five weeks!  Wow.

So there are a few glitches to this really cheap makeover.  First, only use the Qtip touch-up if the mark is really small.  I thought it would work on a few slightly larger marks and it doesn’t blend really well.  It is shinier than the surrounding surface, even after I applied some of the sealer on top.  Resand (just that small area) and respray anything that will show up shiny with a touch-up. I didn’t find this out until just the other day because (ahem) I didn’t get around to touch-ups until then…

Second, this is happening:

This doesn’t surprise me, since it was happening on the original finish before I sprayed.  It just shows up a lot more since the bronze contrasts so much with the original finish.  I am going to look into getting these plates in an oil-rubbed bronze finish to see what it would cost.  It’s not obvious unless you open the door anyway, so I’m not in any hurry.  But I’m thinking that if it is reasonable, I will change those out.  This may not be a problem in the gloss finish that Kara used on her hardware, but I don’t know for sure.  She is really good about responding to questions and she has some great stuff on her site–check her out and maybe ask her how the gloss is holding up.  Another thing that may help would be additional coats of sealer.  I only used one.  Again, this is speculation on my part since I can’t know for sure without going back and redoing.  Hmmm, I may have to try that…

I’ve already mentioned this, but if you haven’t read the other posts you won’t know that unlocking the door with a key wears off some of the paint.  I talk about that in this post.

Beyond these issues, I have been very pleased with the results.  I love the new look and I would do it again in a heartbeat!  Soooo much better than the shiny gold.  And you can’t beat the price!

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