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I’m itching.  And it isn’t the season for poison ivy.  It’s cold outside and it’s the Christmas season.  I shouldn’t start any big projects.  I CAN’T start any big projects.  Right?

So I tackled a small project.  Apparently the transom above our front door had been slowly de-velcroing (I’m pretty sure that’s a word).  I had not noticed, but My Man had.  It chose midnight to finally descend to the floor with a slight crash.  Luckily he knew what the noise was, because I was halfway to the ceiling a half second after it happened.

So the next morning I inspected the damage.  Originally the dividers next to the door and the transom were held in with pins inserted into these plastic thingys:

You positioned the divider in the window and then pushed the pin into the window frame’s wood.  They did not work well.

So I put some self-stick velcro on the frame and dividers a few years ago.  This worked very well for a long time.  Until approximately midnight a few nights ago to be exact.  You can see the residual pieces up on the frame in this shot:

This made the dividers easy to remove for cleaning…not that I did that very often, but still…

This time I decided to try another product:

It advertised itself as 3x stronger than Velcro.  I cut it out and applied it to the frame of the window and the back of the divider.  The instructions say there should be an audible snap when it is fastened and there was.  This stuff has a strong connection, that is for sure.

So strong I think that I might have issues taking them down to clean the window.  I’m afraid that once I go to unsnap them, it will rip the entire strip off the frame.  I didn’t want to try it for fear of damaging the wood (which happened when I went to remove some of the Velcro strips that were still tight to the wood). I guess I will just have an excuse to skip these windows with the Windex.

So both the Velcro and this new Scotch fastener work well, but if you want to clean often I would go with the Velcro.  If you want a really tight fasten, I would choose the Scotch fastener.  Both work worlds better than the original pins did.

All better:

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