The view from our “front” door Post 1

By Pinktoesandpowertools | Progress Posts

We have a lot of doors in our house.  I know.  I counted all of them when I was refinishing the door hardware.  A. Lot.  This is the view from our actual front door:

Front Door

This door has been used 2 and 1/2 times.  Two times people actually entered the house and once the UPS guy rang the doorbell and left a package at this door.

This is the entrance that has been used thousands of times.  One day in the summer, my kids came in and out of this door 217 times and let a fly in each time.  Ok, maybe not 217 flies, but it sure seemed that way.  Each time someone entered they saw this:

I can’t believe this has been the case for 10 years.

We hang dry most of our laundry, which is the focal point of the room when you enter.  Bet that is never a suggestion on HGTV.  When we are having company and want the room to look nice, we make sure the laundry line is empty.  This picture is Christmas Day nice–in addition to emptying the line, the hangers are nicely grouped together:

Now the focal point is the cat litter box.  Nice.

But I’ve got plans, people.  Big plans…