The $20 (Or Not) Storage Closet Door Post 3: The OOPS post

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Ok, so it was my first attempt at building.  Ana provided me with a great plan and idea for my own house, but let’s face it people, she can’t hold my hand while I fumble through the process.  It was a good thing this was out of sight–I did encounter some blips on this incredibly easy build.

First off, I had no idea how to clamp.  I had watched some Kreg YouTube videos before I attempted it, but apparently that knowledge had exited the building when I began.  I was working on the garage floor (which WILL mar your wood, even if you sweep it first–where do those tiny rocks come from?) which meant I had nothing to clamp to.  So I ended up like this:


The “I” being the sides of the unit and the “—” being the shelves, flat on the floor.  I then attached (with pocket holes) using the drill sideways.  I clamped the two together where the “I” and the “—” met from the top and bottom.  This does not work.  Try to always screw the pocket hole together so you are working above the pocket hole like this:

You also need to make sure your Kreg Jig parts are all set to the proper dimensions of the boards for your projects or you end up with screws sticking out of your boards like this:

Actually, I think that I had set them correctly but didn’t tighten up the collar on the drill bit tight enough and it slipped.  Another lesson, just as important!

Why is it important that all your measurements and cuts are precise when building?  I’m so glad you asked and here is your answer:

Those boards were trying their best to match up…the vertical board in this picture was shorter than it should have been.  When I was screwing it into the upper board, it pulled the wood and splintered it. I have since gotten better at making precise cuts, you can read about what I suggest here.

I have to admit, my enthusiasm about all the wonderful things I was going to build dampened a bit after this project.  It was great for the inside of a closet door, but how was I going to build something that people would see?  I managed to get over it with the leaning shelves I built, and I’m so glad that I did.  Those went so much smoother!

Next post, the closet reveal!

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