Refinishing door hardware Part 5: Sealing

By Pinktoesandpowertools | Progress Posts

OMG.  This project has been a lot more work than what I anticipated.  Nothing new with that–I have a habit of downplaying the amount of time and effort projects take.  But the results have been so worth it!  I am finishing the last batch of hardware today.

The sealer layer is where I depart from Kara’s door hardware suggestions.  She used this sealer, which I originally bought:

I decided that I wanted less shine on our hardware after looking at the examples for sale at Home Depot (which is when I priced new hardware again–$25-$30 per door for the exact same handles we have in our house, just with the oil rubbed bronze finish–cha ching!).  They didn’t have the exact brand Kara used in a matte finish, so this is what I went with:

So the sealer layer is the same spraying pattern as the primer and paint layers EXCEPT that you cannot set the handles down to finish spraying.  If you happen to touch an area that you sprayed with sealer, it will lift the paint down to the original color.  YOU MUST BE CAREFUL!!  And you can’t touch the hardware before you are absolutely sure it is dry.  This is what happens.  Ahem.  Moving on…

About 45 minutes in 60 degree weather was safe for me.  I sprayed the entire handle while holding it and then used a plastic putty knife to help balance the handle underneath while I set it down on the 2x2s to dry.  Mind you, I had to paint about 60 handles (inside and outside the doors).  There were many words uttered that I cannot repeat on here from a handle slipping, bumping something, and getting marred.  I never damaged the finish to where I had to restart from scratch (besides the one that I showed you above, which was entirely my impatient fault–“Oh look.  So pretty!  Ahhhhh!”).  Just spray again with color and right away with sealer.  Seemed to work out okay for me.

Double check after you are done, that all of the edges that are sitting on the 2x2s don’t have tiny, white spots where you slightly bumped the handle setting it down.  These can be very visible once on the doors if it is on the part of the circle that will eventually be on top.

That’s it!!  I’ll post next on the finished result in my house and some miscellaneous things I’ve discovered/thought of while completing this project.

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