Refinishing door hardware Part 4: Painting!

By Pinktoesandpowertools | Progress Posts

This is where you see results!!  I am going to take advantage of some Indian summer days here in Ohio and knock out the bottom hinges on about 22 doors, as well as the exterior door hardware I couldn’t fit in before the weather got cold.

Before I do, I’ll post on the painting process.  I can do this because it won’t take long–after the prime coat is dry to the touch, repeat the process with the color you have chosen for the hardware.  Easy peasy and you finally get to see some results after all this hard work!  I let the primer coat dry for about 45 minutes in 65 degree weather.

Here are some shots:

See those plates that came out of the door frame (left side of the picture).  Make sure that you prime and spray the backs of these as well.  I did not realize you could see the back and you can.  Not a lot, but enough that I will be correcting this error eventually…

Love them, love them, love them!!!!!   I think it is warm enough that I can begin today’s batch.  Can’t wait to see the exterior doors’ hardware from the outside.

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