Refinishing door hardware Part 3: Priming

By Pinktoesandpowertools | Progress Posts

Now the fun part!  Get your spray painting station ready.  I had to do this in our garage because it was windy outside.  However, this stuff is really stinky and has some ingredients that I didn’t want to inhale, so I did keep one of the garage bays open and the back door to the garage as well.  It was still pretty stinky.

This is how I started out.

This was a few days later.Use lots of boxes to barricade, and as many dropcloths as you can get your hands on.  Spray paint really flies around.

Priming the hinges:

You have to spray both sides of your hinges because they are both visible.  One side only needs the actual hinge sprayed rather than the flat surface that holds the screws.  Take a look at a door and you will understand what I mean.  Prime, let dry to the touch, flip, and prime again.

Door stop (used in the hinge):

If you have this type of door stop, cover the part you insert into the hinge with paper and tape it.  The tighter this is wrapped, the easier it is to hold while you spray it (flops around if not tight and makes it hard to hold at different angles to spray all the sides–I know this from experience…).  I taped the outside pads, but not the inside.

Now for the order to spray a lever-type handle.  It is difficult to get all the spots of this handle if you don’t get a good order going.  This is how I did it:

Notice where I am holding the hardware.  Spray the bottom of the door lever and continue off of that part onto the base.

Begin spraying the circular base, making sure you get the very bottom edge coated.  This edge is tiny, but very visible once back on the door.

Once you get the circular base done, continue up toward the lever making sure you get all the way around.  Notice that you still have something to grab in order to set the handle down on whatever you are using to prop the handles as they dry.  I used 2×2 boards.  Remember not to grab it underneath–you already sprayed that part!

Once all of the handles are propped up, spray the remaining exposed areas while they are in place.  You will need to move to get all the sides rather than move the handles themselves.  Leave yourself room between handles so that you can reach them with the spray.

Don’t forget to prime your screws!  I used a box, but ideally you would have some styrofoam laying around to use for this purpose.  Some of the screws that we had were round at the top.  Make sure you spray from all directions to get good coverage with that type of screw.

I even like the white primer better than the shiny gold!

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