Refinishing door hardware Part 1: Supply List

By Pinktoesandpowertools | Progress Posts


IMG_2336We have been in our house for 10 years and 85 days.  I have disliked our door hardware for the exact same amount of time.  I had looked into new hinges and knobs awhile back and man oh my did I have sticker shock.  Yikes.  We have 30 doors and 3 pocket doors in our house.  New hardware was not happening.

So I began to think about refinishing them myself, but I didn’t really think it would have the durability doorknobs would need.  And then I found Kara.  She had already gone where I wanted to go and was happy with the result.  That’s all I needed.


  • several boxes (for spray protection and transporting hardware in and out of house)
  • drop cloths (the more, the better)
  • large flat cardboard piece (you will get a lot of spray build up–this is insurance it doesn’t leak through your drop cloths)
  • timer
  • Q-tip
  • container for screws
  • box/styrofoam to stick screws into in order to paint
  • sandpaper (medium grit-100)
  • coarse steel wool
  • rag
  • primer (Rustoleum Clean Metal Primer)
  • paint (Rustoleum Universal Advanced Formula Metallic All-Surface Paint in Oil Rubbed Bronze)
  • Sealer (Valspar Premium enamel in Clear Flat)
  • rubber gloves
  • putty knife, preferably with larger, rather than smaller surface
  • 2 x 2 boards (or other scrap lumber to hold up handles when spraying)
  • masking tape
  • face mask
  • mineral spirits
  • drill
  • screwdriver
  • rags (for protecting doors when they are leaning against your walls) and one for keeping spray paint can clear
  • another person (if your doors are heavy)

Boy, that seems like a lot!  I didn’t have to go out and buy anything besides the paint, sandpaper, and steel wool for this project, so hopefully you will have most of this laying around your house as well.  Sometimes it pays to be a packrat.

Stay tuned, next post we’ll dive into this project!  Now I’m off to spray on a sealer layer…

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